Sunday, 29 December 2019

Sven Ortmann goes full retard

After years of leaning indecisively on the fence, the German military blogger finally decided to get onboard with the far left. Herr Ortmann displays all the signs of Trump derangement syndrome in a psychotic rant on his blog. He blames the political divide in America entirely on the Republicans, and completely absolves the Democrats of any wrongdoing. He willfully ignores the fact that most media corporations in America are run by liberals. Herr Ortmann also criticises the Republican party for being 'overwhelmingly white', which makes it absolutely clear he is drinking the SJW coolaid.

He asserts that America is not a Western country: It is in fact a Fascist Dictatorship, and a threat to the entire world. At the end of his deranged post, the military blogger than announces that it is time for all of Europe to band together against America and prepare for a potential war in the near future. This is perhaps the most outrageous comment that he has ever made in his career. No response can adequately address such lunacy.

It is a shame to see a once great man fall to such depths. I had deep respect for him in the past, and considered him to be a military genius without equal. But unfortunately, his politics were always totally off the deep end. He and I had a falling out over the muslim refugee crisis, where we both said things that can never be taken back. I used to call him Sven, almost like a friend. But now, I will only call him Herr Ortmann.

P.S. If you are by chance reading this, then I wish you all the best in your deranged crusade against America. But take caution, for you may end up creating the very thing you wish to destroy. Men often meet their fate on the road they took to avoid it.

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