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Redux: Five stupid things about the 911 truth movement

Six months ago to the day, a popular youtube user known as stevelikes2curse released a video slamming 'conspiracy theorists' (blissfully ignorant of the fact that his own narrative is a conspiracy, merely one that was conducted by a different faction). They are apparently the hated enemy of (pseudo)skeptical atheists such as himself, second only to religious fundamentalists. This twisted misinformation piece touts a large number of fallacious talking points that were undoubtedly bootlegged from individuals like michael shermer. Other responses had been made to stevens video, but they were rather hit and miss in their effectiveness. This essay is a better reflection on our movements views, and what we think of propaganda specimens like this, which only serve to perpetuate degrading (and inaccurate) media stereotypes of truthers.
Here is the masterpiece, complete with an obnoxious
introduction theme, and logical fallacys galore
Of course, just as when creationists and climate change deniers brag about how many smart people agree with them, once you realise that the truthers only account for just a minuscule sliver of the total number of people in their respective fields, the numbers kind of lose their edge.
Yes, we know that. About 99.7% of all architects and engineers have decided to not affiliate themselves with AE911Truth. Interestingly, that is about the same number of building professionals who, when invited to an architects and engineers session (and shown the extensive evidence for controlled demolition of the twin towers), end up signing the petition for a renewed investigation. Is this just a causation vs correlation fallacy? Perhaps... Part of the problem here is that steven doesn't bother to clarify whether he was referring specifically to those who doubt the government explanation into the collapse, or to those who actually adopt the interpretation of AE911Truth. The two positions are not synonymous. If its the former he is arguing for, then the numbers are arguably much, much greater than just 1700 people. If you really want an accurate judgement of the scientific communitys attitudes towards the WTC collapse, just look at their stance toward the NIST report, which is supposed to be the definitive, final word of the U.S government. [1]
Never mind that 911 is already the most investigated event in the history of investigated events, cause who knows, maybe that next investigation will be the one that disprove all the other investigations.
How exactly is steven measuring the extensiveness and relevance of these inquirys? It took 441 days for president bush to set up a public exploration into the september 11th events, which was the most significant terrorist attack in the history of america. Compare that time table to the pearl harbour commission in 9 days, the challenger disaster and JFK commission in 7 days, and the titanic commission in 6 days. Clearly, timeliness was not a concern for our elected representatives. What about financing? Did they make up for the late start with extra money? Well, no... By contrast, taxpayers put out $15 million to investigate bill clintons sex life, $50 million to investigate the whitewater scandal, and $40 million to investigate the challenger shuttle disaster. Why did the 911 commission initially receive a mere $3 million budget, and furnish only $12 million extra to finish the job? Apparently, in the deluded minds of spineless government apologists, this qualifys as 'good enough'. Hah!
Of course, the mere fact that an investigations findings don't back up the delusional conspiracy theorys pushed by truthers is enough for truthers to disqualify it, and ignore it, and call for another investigation

No, the fact that NIST admitted they weren't able to provide a full explanation for WTC 7s collapse, and removed all mention of their final report being consistant with the known laws of physics [2], is enough to disqualify their report. As is the fact that they ignored a staggering number of NFPA 921 protocols regarding the analysis of fire and explosion incidents (see here for more). Independent professional analysis has obtained strong evidence that the NIST scientists are guilty of scientific fraud, since it can be proven that they lied about the fire temperatures, thermal expansion of concrete, thermal conductivity of steel, removed sheer studs, and added combustible fuel loads on floors where the initial failures took place in their model. It is flagrantly obvious that they altered their computer simulation until critical structural failures became an inevitability.
Controlled demolitions start at the bottom, the twin towers fall from the top down!
This well-worn argument implys that any controlled demolition would have to be engineered in the same fashion witnessed in commercial demolishings, I.E, that they must initiate from some specific location. But in fact, it is quite easy to destroy structures when the constraints of economy and safety are eliminated: Blowing a building up is much easier than imploding it, after all. Even if we ignore the  many other dissimilaritys that the WTCs destructions have with a gravitational collapse [3], there still remains stevens implicit assumption that all demolitions must be designed in the same way as those tailored to implode buildings with minimal collateral damage. This is, of course, false, since explosive charges could be placed anywhere in the building, and detonated in nearly any order desired.
The twin towers both buckled at points exactly near where the impacts of the planes occurred!
And exactly where both towers fireproofing upgrades took place just three years before. How odd.  [4] Aside from the 'coincidence' of a plane impacting in those exact locations, you'd think that the areas with the most up to date thermal insulation would be the best able to resist the fires. But no, they were the areas that actually failed first, and supposedly led to the destruction of the whole building. Perhaps those floors defeat can be chalked up to the fact that they faced the most severe fire conditions out of any part of the structure? Problem is, this assumption is at odds with the results of tests sponsored by NIST, which subjected replica WTC floor assemblies to intense fire exposure. They were reportedly 'able to withstand the maximum design load' without collapsing, and without sagging, for as long as the tests were run (2 to 3 1/2 hours), despite being protected by less fireproofing than the real buildings on september 11th. This just goes to show how tough the towers structural members (whose steel was certified to ASTM E119) really were.
So lets say that the official story isn't true, lets say that the 911 commission report was just part of a big ole' government coverup. What really happened that day, truthers?
Yes. A general summary of our views on how the execution of the 911 attacks proceeded is now available, and can be found here. This timeline proceeds in minute by minute fashion, and was made specifically in response to your obtuse allegations about us lacking such a cohesive narrative (which were never even true back when you made these claims!). The truth movement has possesed a mutually accepted viewpoint for years now, but it had previously been scattered to the four corners of the earth. Only with a great effort were the various aspects able to be adjoined... So, steven, if you want to continue opposing 911 truthers in this blatant fashion, you need to actually make a proper response to this timeline, and say where and why it doesn't match the validity of your beloved commission report (not rhetorically tilting at the windmills, like you have become so notorious for). Failing to do so will be taken as a silent admission of defeat.
Or are you going to continue to hide behind your shield of 'just asking questions'?
This is ridiculous. You are attributing behaviour to the entire truth movement that is only exhibited by some loose change acolytes. Spreading such misguided caricatures is wrong and just plain insulting. Furthermore, you still have not grasped the fundamental differences that lie between the methodologys employed by outside job advocates (who are in defense) and inside job advocates (who are in offense). Truthers use rugged cumulative arguments to attack the legitimacy of the official story, while debunkers rely on fragile deductive reasoning to defend it. Barrie zwicker summarises the situation thusly: 'The exhibits in this chapter show cumulatively that 911 was an inside job. Only one exhibit needs to be proven true (beyond a reasonable doubt) for the inside job theory to be strengthened, or even proved. If more than one holds up, the case for an inside job becomes even more substantive. If a clear majority hold up, the argument for inside job becomes nearly invincible.'
'What if, on the other hand, one exhibit (or part of one exhibit) fails to hold up? Does this means all the others are undermined, or rendered null and void? Not at all... Each bonafide exhibit on its own supports the cumulative evidence of an inside job on 911. In deductive reasoning, each step in the argument depends upon the truth of the previous step. For example, to logically believe in the official story, you have to believe that there were 19 arab kamikaze hijackers who could hijack four commercial airliners all at once and outsmart the 44 billion dollar a year US intelligence apparatus and outwit NORAD... The truth of each part of this official story is essential in holding up the whole story. For instance, if there is no credible evidence that the 19 hijackers the whitehouse claims boarded the airliners actually did so, the rest of the official narrative is seriously damaged and would collapse in a court of law. In deductive reasoning, the whole chain can fail if one link fails.'
So in the end, steven, it is not we who are on thin ice, it is YOU. Take care to understand this point. For example, if we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the collapse of the twin towers was not initiated by fires, then that automatically means they were professionally demolished. The burden of proof for us beyond that point (like providing a description of the exact mode of demolition) is almost irrelevant, because the case will have been made to initiate another investigation. But generally, we will go out of our way to provide that additional description, by virtue of the simple fact that we aren't half assed cheap-shot artists like you, indoctrinated by cointelpro groups such as the JREF and slant. Steven, you've got alot of growing up to do. This blatantly unidirectional skepticism of yours is doing more harm than good. Wake up, and realise that the fairy tale told to you by mother government was a lie, in order to foster the frame of mind necessary to get ignorant citizens like yourself to acquiesce to their authoritarian schema.
[1] If the scientific community actually was serious about the 'extreme' dangers posed by progressive collapse, they would have put much more effort into theoretical research aimed at preventing such failures, since NIST has emphasised that even modern steel framed high rises are not immune to them. But such a campaign has not taken place, and thoughtful engineering papers like this have been ignored and left in obscurity. There is a reason for that, and it is not the reason that the debunkers would have you believe (I.E, that only an airliner impact can initiate such a collapse). Engineers have given the WTC disaster a get out of jail free card. As relayed by one group of truthers: ''Next we tried the physics department at the University of Michigan as well as three departments in the school of engineering, Civil, Materials Science and Mechanical. We sent each faculty member a personal invitation as well as a copy of 'Improbable Collapse.' All of the invitations were declined or not answered; that's over three hundred invitations total for the University faculty. NO ONE would defend the official story as relayed in the NIST, FEMA and 9-11 Commission Report.''
[2] Back in its august draft, where they had still claimed that the collapse progressed 40% slower than free fall, NIST had said -in a claim made three times- that its analysis was “consistent with physical principles.” In the final report, however, every instance of this phrase was quietly removed! It appears that NIST thereby explicitly admitted that its report on WTC 7, by affirming absolute free fall while continuing to deny that either incendiaries or explosives had been employed, is not consistent with basic principles of physics.
[3] Each collapse occurred at near free fall speed. Each building fell straight down, through the path of greatest resistance. A significant portion of the concrete was turned into very fine dust. The collapses were ultimately total in their scope, leaving no remnants sticking up hundreds of feet into the air. According to many witnesses, explosions occurred within the buildings. More damning yet, each collapse was preceded by large seismic vibrations, and left behind molten steel (which would be produced by explosives or incendiarys), resulting in “hot spots” that remained for months.
[4] The details of these upgrades can be examined in NISTs NCSTAR 1-1H, specifically, tables 13-1 and 13-2. It also bears mentioning how steven transparently neglects to mention that structures were shattered well above the crash zones, before they moved downward into structures below impact sites. The early breakup of the south towers top is particularly apparent. The upper structure crushed itself, then uniformly accelerated downwards (without encountering any resistance). How odd. It almost seems as if the supposed 'piledriver' is playing no role in this event!

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Why The States Must Secede To Save America

Radio host Alex Jones today called for a second American Revolution led by states who would secede from the federal government and reconstitute the Republic under the terms of the Declaration of Independence, bill of rights and constitution. (Read the transcript here).
The call for Americans to rally behind a restoration of the Republic and the bill of rights comes on the back of a burgeoning secessionist movement that has swept the country with residents from all 50 states submitting petitions to the White House calling for states to withdraw from the union and form their own independent governments. The petitions have received a combined number of signatures totaling over a million.
During his nationwide broadcast today, Jones laid out the battle plan for secession, emphasizing that states must first secede from the federal government, which has gone rogue, and then use the terms of the Declaration of Independence to restore the Republic, not create a new country.
Jones stressed that he was calling for a cultural restoration in the spirit of the bill of rights – a newly unified America under the Constitution – and not a violent overthrow, noting that it was the states that created the Constitution and the federal government in the first place.
Jones noted that the only course to restoring liberty was clear – “To follow the founding document of the Republic, the Declaration of Independence, wherein it is clearly stated that it is the right and the duty of the American people, when their government becomes destructive and tyrannical, to abolish and reconstitute it in a form that protects our liberties.”
“We are not calling for secession to form new separate countries, we are calling for secession because the states created the Constitution, bill of rights and federal government, and the federal government itself has been hijacked by foreign special interests – mainly banking cartels,” said Jones.
“I am calling for people to be educated about how we can secede to restore the Republic,” said Jones, warning that the media was attempting to characterize the entire movement as a plot to bring down America when in fact America has already been captured and taken over by the political and financial elite.
“This is the states putting their foot down and saying we are going to reconstitute the federal government under the bill of rights and constitution, we’re going to kick out the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, the foreign criminals, and the Federal Reserve who have taken over,” explained Jones.
The radio host also put the call out for Congressman Ron Paul to head up such a movement and utilize his vast network of grass roots liberty-loving activists to lead the charge, as well as using his contacts in each state to begin the process of secession in the legislature.
Harvard constitutional law scholar and adviser to Ron Paul, Edwin Viera, appeared on the syndicated radio broadcast and agreed with Alex Jones’ constitutional battle plan, with the declaration of independence as the centerpiece of legal authority.

Ron Paul’s former congressional chief of staff and founder of the Von Mises institute, Lew Rockwell, also appeared on the special broadcast and concurred with Jones’ strategy that now is the time to launch our offensive and restore the republic.

The right of the people to reconstitute their government if it becomes oppressive and onerous is clearly outlined in the Declaration of Independence.
“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
Preamble, Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.
In the aftermath of petitions from all 50 states to secede being posted on the White House website and signed by over a million Americans, the secessionist movement has been portrayed as anti-American, unpatriotic and even treasonous. In reality, as Ron Paul has emphasized, it is as American as apple pie and George Washington.
The most popular petition out of all 50 that have been posted on the White House website applies to Texas and reads as follows;
“The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it’s citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.”
The call for states to secede from the union, one now backed by over a million Americans, is part of a wider disenfranchisement with how the country has been infested and hijacked by a crony political elite and the principles of the founders decimated.
As over a million Americans express their disenfranchisement with the federal government by supporting a secessionist movement that has spread like wildfire, it is time to call for a new declaration of independence and a new commitment to restore the Republic in the face of an enemy that has subverted America from within.
The United States government has been seized by domestic and foreign banking cartels. This fact is so transparently obvious that talking heads on CNBC now laugh about it.
While Americans are being told to brace for tax hikes, spending cuts and a myriad of other austerity measures, the Federal Reserve has been sending trillions of dollars to foreign banks.
The federal government is supposed to represent the states, but it doesn’t, it represents the interests of the political and banking elite who themselves have no allegiance whatsoever to America.
Infowars is calling on patriots to start a movement to draft Ron Paul as the head of a brand new effort to restore the Republic, restore the bill of rights and opt out of the counterfeit America the banking elite has subverted and fashioned to serve their own interests.
The establishment media is already demonizing the secessionist movement as a rag-tag group of fringe kooks and paranoid racists, when in reality as the Daily Caller uncovered, it is comprised of former Marines, parents, business owners and ordinary mechanics.
Meanwhile, Obama supporters and other statists have called on the government to punish those putting their signatures to the secession petitions by having them stripped of their citizenship, deported and exiled.
It’s time to re-assert the narrative on secession and put it in its proper context, which is not an infantile reaction to the fact that Barack Obama won the election, but an expression of extreme uneasiness at the direction in which the country is heading, a widespread discontent that has been ongoing for long before Obama even took office, and a new commitment calling on states to nullify unconstitutional laws and regulations and secede from the increasingly tyrannical federal government.
Watch Ron Paul’s farewell speech below in which he skewers authoritarianism in all its forms and captures the true spirit of liberty which should drive the movement to secede from the federal government and reconstitute America under the Declaration of Independence.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A semi-comprehensive 911 timeline, by james philps

Staging a massacre: The background
-It is worth going into some detail about what kind of atmosphere could produce the need for a massive staged attack on ones own country. Although false flag operations have been carried out by all manner of authoritarian governments throughout history (see here), the events of september 11th were particularly extraordinary, in regards to all the loose ends it allowed the perpetrators to tie up. Exactly what was going on behind the scenes (and why) will only be sparingly covered in this document: The main purpose is to provide a concise, minute by minute account of what the best informed 911 truthers believe happened on that terrible day. Some of the biggest players in this massacre will be given a short introduction, to be followed later in a companion guide, as well as what their exact objectives and obstacles were. This scenario is based on the premise that at least the twin towers (and possibly WTC 6 & 7) were brought down by controlled demolition, and that flight 77 was flown into a secret base in florida, to be replaced by an explosive laden RQ-4 global hawk. There is also evidence that all four of the 'hijacked' planes were fitted with remote control rigs, with directions given from E-4B airborne operations craft participating in operation global guardian.

-Dov zakheim: A respected and established voice in the intelligence community, zakheim played a key role in the unholy alliance that took place between the belligerent neoconservative groups AEI, CPSG, and PNAC in early 1998. He was, after all, the only man to have a seat in all three groups. As the vice president of the systems planning corporation, the rabai also would have been in a position to lend valuable tools to any false flag operation, such as the CTS (command transmitter system) and FTS (flight termination system), which can be used to convert commercial airliners into giant remote controlled toys. Zakheim went on to become the comptroller of the pentagon in may 2001, and it was thanks largely to him that the defense budget mysteriously lost $2.3 trillion on the day before 911.

-Paul bremer: He was the chairman of the congressional national commission on terrorism from 1999 to 2000, and the US ambassador at large for counter-terrorism from 1986 to 1989. In addition to his executive status at marsh & mclennan, bremer was also on the international advisory board for the japanese mining and machinery company komatsu, which at the time had been involved in a joint venture agreement with dresser industries. For the day of september 11th, he also arranged a meeting on floor 93 in the north tower, but showed up late. This absence ended up saving his life, when flight 11 smashed into that exact area. Bremer then wound up on numerous television stations, giving america a premature account of what would become the official story. One month after the events of 911, bremer will go on to become CEO for a new division, called marsh crisis. Within two years, he will become the iraq occupation governor, a role for which he will be widely criticised.

-Joseph kasputys: He was a member of the US department of commerce and defense from 1972 to 1977, the deputy director of nixons white house taskforce that dealt with the arab oil embargo of 1973, and was instrumental in the creation of the department of energy. Kasputys went on to lead the DOE for a full 20 years, from 1977 to 1997. He also worked in commercial institutions during that time. Somehow or another, kasputys managed to continue leapfrogging to leadership positions after his old companys were acquired by other business entitys. For example, he was originally the CEO for baseline financial from 1987 to 1996. Then he became the CEO for primark corporation from 1996 to 2000, after they acquired baseline. Then (!), he went on to be the CEO for thomson financial, after they acquired primark. Just how kasputys managed to do this is anyones guess.

-Efraim halevy: The director of israels dreaded secret agency, mossad, who are responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counterterrorism, as well as bringing jews to israel from countries where official aliyah agencies are forbidden, and protecting jewish communities worldwide. Their role in the plot was to assemble a group of arab terrorists who could be used as patsies, and have al qauda implicated as the guilty party. To this end, the mossad sent two separate teams into the united states, where they would wait for the opportunity to infiltrate an al qauda cell, and insert them into the eye of the storm. These men maintained cover by working with urban moving systems, which was owned by israeli national dominick suter. The mossad teams were supported by a spy ring of jews who posed as art students, and would transmit coded reports to their boss, ephraim halevy, from the israeli embassy in washington, DC.
-George pataki: He was the governor of new york state from 1995 to 2006, and had a sordid business history with robert boyle, the former executive director of the port authority. After the september 11th attacks, not only did pataki fail to rebuke or overule mayor julianis decision to disturb the ground zero crime scene and have the rubble shipped away, but he added insult to injury by arranging for some of the steel from the rubble pile to be recycled into the USS new york! Also interesting is that the governor had the motive to privatise stewart air force base in 1999, and have it signed over to his friend 'dirty' larry silverstein. Stewart base was a veritable hotbed of activity during the events of 911, with both of the WTC bound planes having crossed directly over it at the exact same time, and one E-4B airborne operations craft having launched and landed out of stewart. Three of these planes were active on september 11th, and one was seen hovering over the restricted airspace of the pentagon and washington D.C.

-Neoliberals/neoconservatives: The neoliberals wanted to invade afghanistan so that they could stop the pipeline that was going to be set up there, which would disrupt the functioning of the petrodollar. Doing so would eventually require a long term military occupation, as the northern alliance could not be persuaded to not built the pipeline, and the taliban (though amenable to the americans requests) were too unstable and unpopular to maintain power. The neoliberals were also interested in getting control over the opium fields in afghanistan and making them the biggest industry in the world, ensuring them a huge flow of narco money. / The neoconservatives, by contrast, have always wanted to go into iraq and finish what their demi god, george h.w bush, started. They almost made this happen after releasing their operation northwoods esque plan, which involved ex-fedayeen hijackers. However, after the activitys of turkmenistan and the caspian pipeline consortium in late 1998, the neoliberals are spurred into altering the plans, and recruiting al qauda hijackers for the staged terror attacks. They get their wish, and the neoconservatives are forced to wait until george bush junior gets into office before they can move on iraq. Even then, they only get their invasion by making transparent allegations on non-existant WMDs.
-Victor bout: A notorious russian arms dealer and drug smuggler who worked out of the middle east, he was internationally reviled as the 'merchant of death.' After the globalists realised the instability of the talibans position in late 1998, they had their puppets brazenly torpedo all attempts to pursue the apprehension of bout (at least until they invaded afghanistan after 911), so that he could continue to supply them with arms and prop up their decrepit regime. It was a messy way for the US officials to help keep the taliban in power, and it raised ominous questions about why they didn't arrest him, after it was discovered how al qauda was thriving off of bouts smuggling network. Particularly in sharjah, a town which he ruled with an iron fist, and from which the 911 hijackers were actually funded from, out of an HSBC bank. When bout discovered that there were US based terror cells being financed from out of his neighbourhood, he got cold feet and warned FBI director john o'neill (which was old news to those in the know), as an insurance policy in case anything ugly did happen. Unfortunately, o'neill died in the collapse of the WTCs, and with him, so did any hope of bout escaping the middle eastern crusade unscathed.

Pre-september 11th, 2001:
-March 1991: The department of energy, connected to primarck through joseph kasputys who was responsible for creating (in addition to leading) the DOE, patents a thermite cutter charge with "a relatively low profile that can focus energy by means of a torch-like ejection of hot reaction products, and is externally ignitable."
-September 1991: Shortly after the end of the cold war, a collection of oligarchs and intelligence heads, led by george h.w bush, financed a $240 billion covert operations war chest through the purchase of 10 year securities. This secret fund went by the name of black eagle. With it, agents of the shadow government bought up much of the soviet industry, with a focus on oil and gas, crashing the russian economy, looting its central bank, and orchestrating what became known as the great rubble scam.  [1]
-1993 to 1995: Ex-russian military officer and arms dealer, victor bout, sets up shop in the dusty town of sharjah (located in the UAE), and develops an international smuggling network to facilitate the buying, selling, and transportation of illegal goods (mostly weapons) across the world. The area becomes a terrorist and fugitive haven. Bout befriends a U.S intelligence agent named richard chichakli, who used to work alongside osama bin laden, and assigns him as the manager of a free trade zone heavily used by the smugglers.
-July 1996: The komatsu-dresser mining division, connected to marsh and mclennan through paul bremer (who was on their advisory board), patents a thermite demolition device that could "demolish a concrete structure at a high efficiency, while preventing a secondary problem due to noise, flying dust and chips, and the like."

-February 19, 1998: The (deceptively named) committee for peace and security in the gulf, or CPSG, a bipartisan group made up largely of foreign policy specialists, sends an “ppen letter to the president” calling for president bill clinton to use the US military to help iraqi opposition groups overthrow saddam hussein, and replace him with a US friendly government. But without a sufficient pre-text, US law forbids such an operation.
-Spring 1998: Three neoconservative groups, the AEI, CPSG, and PNAC (all of whom play host to rabai dov zackheim), draw up plans for creating a staged terror attack on targets within the US. They will have a group composed of ex-fedayeen perpetrate the attack, so that iraq can be implicated in the events and invaded. This plan is approved of by the globalists. They appoint paul bremer and joseph kasputys, who both have extensive office space in the WTCs, to get the twin towers rigged with explosives. 'Hijacked' planes will be flown into them soon after the preparations are completed.

-1998-2000: 'Fire safety installations' are carried out by turner construction on the upper floors of both twin towers, in the exact same areas that will be struck by flights 11 and 175, and exactly where the collapses initiated from. These floors were owned, in the north tower, by marsh & mclennan, and in the south tower, by baseline financial (who was a subsidiary of primarck). [2] The collapse will be initiated from this area through the use of thermitic cutter charges.
-Summer 1998: CIA analysts realize that a partnership has taken place between the smuggling network run by illegal arms dealer, victor bout, and the ariana airlines of afghanistan, who had been taken over by the taliban back in 1996. After this change in leadership, they had switched over from primarily flying passengers, and onto the transport of drugs, weapons, gold, and militant operatives between afghanistan, the UAE, and pakistan. The al qauda thrive on the bout crime chain, and many of the individuals who will go on to become hijackers in the 911 attacks will find employment at the kandahar airport.

-August 19, 1998: The northern alliance capital of afghanistan, mazar-i-sharif, is conquered by the taliban. This victory gives them control of 90 percent of the country, including the entire proposed pipeline route, allowing them to blockade its construction. Better yet is the fact that centgas has issued a disclaimer saying that the trans afghanistan pipeline will not be built, until an internationally recognised government is instituted in afghanistan. [3] However, the globalists know that the taliban will not be able to hold onto power indefinitely. Mobilisation of turkmenistan border forces only reinforces the fear of decisive military intervention, resulting in the talibans being deposed.
-Autumn 1998: When geopolitical heavyweights like zbigniew brzezinski and joseph samuel nye (both of whom are neoliberal) become aware of the events transpiring in afghanistan, they intervene and make a case for delaying the staged attacks in order to recruit al qaeda operatives, so that the pre-text for a long term occupation of afghanistan can be established. [4] This will permanently dash the middle easterners plan to set up a pipeline, and spoiling the ambitions of the neoconservatives (who wanted to go into iraq). The leading oligarchs are swayed by this argument, and postpone the planned operation indefinitely.
-Summer 1999: The false flag strategy has been renewed, and new objectives have been assigned. A persistent thorn in the conspirators side is the black eagle trust fund, which is at the center of the whole operation. Another concern is that the pipelines establishment would break the saudi arabian stranglehold on oil and gas, which would disrupt the functioning of the U.S petrodollar. There is an immense desire by multiple partys to see this happen, and the only thing that can prevent it is intense regional instability.
-Autumn 1999: With the action plan completed, mossad gets to work on the bothersome task of gathering a group of al qauda operatives, indoctrinating them, and shipping them to the eastern U.S, where they will need to be trained, financed, and shielded from U.S intelligence agencys. Instead of doing all this themselves, they decide to send a spy ring into the US, and keep their eyes open for terrorist groups that can be infiltrated, and given specific orders that would eventually culminate in their being on board the right planes at the right time.  [5]

-February 2000: State department official witney schneidman and national security council adviser lee wolosky create a team to apprehend victor bout. While the arms dealer remains little known to the general public, for many US officials he becomes the most wanted criminal in the world, aside from osama bin laden and his top aides. While schneidman and woloskys bosses pay lip service to the campaign, they go behind the scenes to prevent it from gaining momentum, while also procrastinating attempts by frustrated afghan warlords to have the nuisance of bin laden terminated.  [6]
-Spring 2000: The mossad discovers that al qauda is planning to set up a terrorist cell within the US, eventually so they may stage truck bombings. This is just the opportunity they have been waiting for. Upon determining who will be sent as a vanguard, and what route they will take, the israeli agents have their travel path cleared, so that they will not be intercepted by airport security or U.S intelligence. Whatever mission the islamic terrorists thought they were going to carry out will be altered to suit the needs of the mossad masterminds.
-June 2000: Mohammad atta and marwan alshehhi arrive in the united states, and rent an apartment in new york. There, they meet a contact (who is an undercover mossad operative) that sets them up with multiple bank accounts and flight school training at huffman aviation. Ziad jarrah arrives on a separate flight that same month. From this point on, the muslims will be under the close supervision of the israeli 'art student' spy ring. Al qauda, meanwhile, will continue on with the mission, oblivious that their vanguard has been infiltrated and co-opted.
-Summer 2000: By the time that the remaining al qauda operatives are selected for the planned operation, some of them had been training in afghanistan for months, others were just arriving for the first time, and still others may have been returning after prior visits to the camps. Most had underwent their training at the al matar camp in herat, and all the rest had drilled at the khaldan camp near kabul. Upon being chosen, the operatives were each given 2000 dollars, and sent into saudi arabia to aquire U.S visas.
-July 2000: Washington group international acquires raytheon engineers, many of whom have expertise in the global hawk system. [7A] Among other things, they will be put to work on rebuilding one of these drones from scratch, as a precaution against the unit being found missing from the inventory. It will be fitted with a reactive alloy casing, a new class of highly stable metallic explosives which enhances the blast effect. [7B] The RQ-4 will also be given a pair of fake engines, commercial paint job, and a modified tail fin to resemble a boeing 757.
-September 2000: The neoconservative think tank project for a new american century (PNAC) releases their opus magnum, rebuilding americas defenses. This report is aimed at high ranking military officers, suggesting that although "the United States faces no global rival," (p.i) their armed forces should prepare "to rapidly deploy and win multiple simultaneous large-scale wars,"(mission outlines) and set up "an enduring American military presence" (p.74) in the persian gulf, including afghanistan and iraq. Chapter 5 admits that this ambitious goal would take a long time,"absent some catastrophic and catalysing event, like a new Pearl Harbor."

A mock up of what the altered drone would look like.
-Autumn 2000 to spring 2001: After having acquired their U.S visas, the men who will become the muscle hijackers return to afghanistant for special training. The training was allegedly conducted at the al faruq camp by abu tarab al jordani, one of only a handful of al qauda members who was aware of the full details of the planned operation. With this in mind, it is interesting to note that he did not train them expressly in air hijackings. On the contrary, the emphasis was put on truck bombings, knife handling, and other skills.
-Oct 12, 2000: The USS cole, an arleigh burke class DDG destroyer, is attacked in the aden harbor of yemen. The bombing was carried out by two al qaeda militants, travelling in a small motor boat packed with explosives. Hassan al-khamri and ibrahim al-thawar kill themselves in the blast, taking out 17 US soldiers, and injuring another 35 or so. The CIA will later conclude that with just slightly more skilled execution, the attack would have killed 300 and sunk the entire ship.
-Oct 14, 2001: The US launchs an investigation into the bombing of the USS cole. It is headed by the FBI, and led by anti-terrorism agent john o'neill, who is the FBIs leading expert on al quada. The enquiry quickly becomes a route, due to the extreme stubbornness and hostility of the local yemenis, and the fact that video tapes of the suicide attack have been either altered or confiscated outright. Most of the FBI team is forced to leave by the end of the month. The sunday times later notes, “The failure in yemen may have blocked off lines of investigation that could have led directly to the terrorists who were preparing for september 11.”
-November 2000: After some reassurance from france and several other EU members, saddam hussein announces his plan to switch to the euro currency when trading oil, and to convert iraqs $10 billion reserve fund at the UN to euros as well. Suffice to say, this comes as an ugly surprise to the US, who has never had an OPEC nation challenge their petrodollar monopoly in such a blatant manner, and sets the stage for an ugly episode in international affairs.  [8]
-December 2000 to september 2001: Extensive elevator renovations begin in both of the twin towers, carried out by ASCE. This would have been done on the recommendation of WTC director alan reissman, giving the conspirators the opportunity they needed to plant demolition charges on the outer 24 core columns distributed throughout the rest of the building, and stage a thorough controlled demolition.  [9]
-January 30 2001: The port authority of new york puts the WTC complex up for lease, on the allegation of executive director robert boyle that they are loss leaders, due to their corroded support struts. [10] Though there is some truth to this, the cost estimates have been exaggerated by boyle, who was in bed with the conspirators and realised that his tracks would not be covered after he left office in several months. He and his partner, alan reissman, decide to pawn ownership of the WTCs to someone in the know, someone who is a risk taker. Reissman and seymour work to steer the bid in the favour of larry silverstein.
-January 31, 2001: The bush administration holds its first national security council meeting. The focus is not on al qauda or afghanistan, but iraq. Apparently, their switch to the euro is weighing more heavily on the leaders minds than the attack on the USS cole. CIA director george tenet hypes the existence of a factory that “might” be producing “either chemical or biological materials for weapons manufacture.” Although tenet admits that there is “no confirming intelligence” on just what is going on at these sites, the introduction of some sketchy photographs is all the persuasion president george bush requires. He orders the preparation for options on the use of US ground forces in iraqs no-fly zones, to support a native-based insurgency against the hussein regime.  [11]
 -February to june 2001: With the 'muscle hijackers' training completed, and nothing but good news returning from the vanguard team, al qaudi has their agents sent off to the U.S (in staggered intervals so as to avoid suspicion). About 11 of them stay in or pass through britain, flying out of dubai, UAE. Some reside in britain for several weeks, in order to receive further training and oversee fund raising efforts.
-Spring 2001: The intelligence agencys of saudi arabia discover that the muslim brotherhood chapter in the EUA has been infiltrated by al quada, and have been supplying U.S based terror cells with money wired out of an HSBC bank. However, they do not disclose this information to their american counterparts until after the wake of the september 11th attacks. Even when the brotherhood connection and the saudi indecisiveness are made public, the bush administration will pay no more than lip service to their negligence.
-March 2001: Joseph kasputys abandons thomson (as well as primarck and baseline, by proxy) in favour of setting up a bigger and better firm, called global insight. One of his last acts as CEO of thomson would be to assign his TIMCO subsidiary to secretly outfit the boeing 767 and 757 planes with modified ailerons, rudders, as well as a CTS and FTS, courtesy of dov zakheims systems planning corporation. At the WTC complex, operational control over the preparations would have seceded to paul bremer, as well as to jerome hauer and brian jenkins of kroll associates.
-May to august 2001: A number of the hijackers make at least six trips to las vegas. It is probable they met here to debriefed by their mossad handlers, after doing practise runs on cross-country flights. At least atta, alshehhi, nawaf alhazmi, ziad jarrah, khalid almihdhar and hani hanjour were involved. All of these 'fundamentalist' muslims drink alcohol, gamble, and frequent strip clubs, behaviour that is strictly forbidden by the quran.  [12]
-June 2001: Deputy FBI chief john o'neill, who specialises in profiling the activitys of al quada, becomes aware of the organisations unique mechanisms for funding their U.S based terror cells. Operatives of a particular muslim brotherhood sect (who hailed from egypt and yemen) would dump money into an HSBC account in sharjah, UAE, and have it wired to the al quada teams in the eastern U.S. He was made aware of this by victor bout, who asked to remain anonymous. Unknown to either o'neill or the 'muslim brotherhood' group, the outfit being financed was run by mossad!
-July 24, 2001: Larry silversteins $3.2 billion, 99-year lease of the WTC complex is finalized. Also included in the deal is an insurance policy which specifically covers acts of terrorism, worth up to $3.5 billion. Surreptitiously, silverstein hopes to win $7 billion from the destruction of the WTC towers, by arguing that two separate attacks necessitate double the payment. His main concern, however, is securing the property for the next few years that follow, where real estate prices are expected to skyrocket.
-July 25, 2001: Alex jones, a stigmatised radio host from austin texas, launchs an emergency broadcast to warn that there will be a terrorist attack in new york city, a possible repeat of the 1993 WTC bombings, before the year is out. Jones says that, although the operation will be assisted or staged by the government, it will be blamed on CIA asset osama bin laden, in an attempt to justify an imperialist foreign policy, and as a pre-text to institute a police state within the U.S. Although his estimate on the possible death tolls are wildly exaggerated, at 1-4 million, jones is almost completely accurate in every other detail.

-Aug 2001: The mossad team running the al qauda cell in boston report to their masters in tel aviv that the final plans for the attacks were set. The handlers of the florida based cell reported that the documented “presence” of the muslims at the various florida flight schools had been established. By this point, the hijackers skill level is totally at odds with the feats that will be attributed to them later. The largest craft they have flown was a cessna-172, which is less than 150 times the mass of a boeing 767!  [13]
-Aug 22, 2001: After being prevented on multiple different occasions from investigating al qauda operatives, john o'neill resigns from his job as assistant director of the FBI. Just a day later, he gets an offer from jerome hauer of kroll associates to work as head of security for the WTC complex. O'neill agrees to this arrangement, on the correct suspicion that something big is going to happen at the iconic premise.
-Sept 7, 2001: Just days before committing suicide and mass murder, lead hijacker mohammad atta, marwan alshehhi, and another man visit a florida strip club, blustering with anti-american sentiments, spending hundreds of dollars on drinks and lap dances, and blasphemously leaving behind a copy of the quran. This is in stark contrast to the portrait of how a religious zealot is expected to spend his final days on earth.
-Sept 8, 2001: The twin towers are powered down from the 48th floor up for the weekend, ostensibly for the purpose of computer network upgrades. [14] This is likely when the final preparations for the attacks would have taken place, and the fuzes for all the various explosives and accelerants would have been armed.
-Sept 9, 2001: Four new boeing 757 and 767 planes are quietly landed into dules, newark, and logan airport. Three of these four aircraft are known to have been out of service for some 9 months. Where they had been relocated to during that time is unknown. [15] They have strange pods underneath them, which are explained to be new avionics suites. The cockpit control boards are also different, to facilitate improved ground to air coordination (or so the explanation goes). The planes will be made available for tuesday mornings flight.
-Sept 10, 2001: Defense secretary rumsfeld announces that by some estimates the department of defense "cannot track 2.3 trillion in transactions." CBS later calculates that 25% of the yearly defense budget is unaccounted for. A defense analyst says, "The books are cooked routinely year after year." Dov zakheim, the undersecretary of defense, is unavailable for comment. This announcement is burried in the next days news.

Sept 11, 2001:
-From 7:59 to 8:42 am: The raytheon/boeing engineers and executives who participated in the outfitting of the impactor aircraft, and who were at imminent risk of leaking their involvement in the plot to third partys (due to their status as outsiders to the rest of the conspirators), are loaded onto their specific flights. [16] Only three of the four planes carry ordinary civilians and al qauda hijackers, in addition to all these VIP commuters. Flights 11, 175, 77, and 93 all depart in chronological order on their final voyage. Few of the passengers realise that the planes have been outfited with a CTS, and that they will be unwitting participants in the days gruesome events.
-8:30 am: Operation global guardian commences. This is an annual readiness exercise involving all stratcom forces, which aims to test the organisations ability to fight a nuclear war. It is one of many “practice armageddons” that the US military routinely stages. Command and control of the plane and drone impacts will be piggy backed off from this operation, which will have three E-4Bs airborne command centers at its focal point. At least one of the planes will skip off from the exercise so that it can conduct its murderous business.
-8:36 am: In a bizarre coincidence, both flight 11 and 175 cross over stewart air force base at the exact same time. [17] Moreover, flight 77 is simultaneously observed to deviate from its flight path, even though the hijackings were not officialy acknowledged to have taken place for another 15 minutes. It is probable that this is when the planes command transmitter system (CTS) was activated, and they were sent on their terminal course. From here on, both of the WTC planes fly on a trajectory which never takes them more than 40 miles from one military base or another, which is, coincidentally, the exact range of the CTS. 
-From 8:46 to 9:03 am: In new york, the secret service has a stinger missile secretly stored in its field office at WTC 7, to be used in protection of the president if the city were attacked during his visits. [18] They also have access to a system called tigerwall which provides early warning of airborne threats, and a geographic display of aircraft activity. Additionally, the service is able to receive real time information about other hijacked aircraft through radar monitoring, and a direct communications channel with the FAA. Despite the weapons and air surveillance network at their disposal, they do not defend the WTC complex.
-8:46 am: Flight 11 impacts the north face of WTC 1 at a speed of roughly 440 mph, between floors 93 and 100. It hits dead center, depositing much of the debris and fuel into the core. According to NISTs (likely exaggerated) damage estimates, flight 11 severs 35 perimiter columns, and 6 core columns. They lie about the thermal insulation being blown off by the impacts, and also embellish the fire temperatures.  [19]
-After 8:46 am: John o'neill, in his office of the 31st floor of WTC 1, feels the impact of the plane. After confirming what had happened, o'neill phones his son and a friend, to reassure them of his safety. He then gathers his men and joins in the effort to evacuate the stricken towers. O'neill will not survive the collapse.
-8:55 am: While crossing over tristate airport, flight 77 suddenly deviates from its assigned flight path and veers south, turning off its transponder shortly after. It is at this time that it will cross paths with the RQ-4 global hawk, rocketing eastward on a direct impact course for the pentagon. [20] Flight 77 is redirected to florida, where it will land at an auxillary field in either macdill or eglin air force base, both of whom were recent customers of SPC. The planes passengers would then be detained and off loaded, presumably to be killed. N64AA itself would be decomissioned, and destroyed.
-After 8:55 am: Serious communications problems are experienced in washington, affecting key government officials, and impeding their ability to respond to the transpiring events. [21A] This compounds the information void that was experienced by the military and intelligence agencys one hour earlier, which (in combination with the large number of drills and exercises being carried out on that day) ensures that their response time is slowed to a crawl. [21B] The internet grid was hit particularly hard at this time, raising suspicions that the various departments of the U.S government were under some kind of cyber warfare attack, possibly by a logic bomb that was surreptitiously vectored by insider officials before hand.

-9:03 am: Flight 175 impacts the south face of WTC 2 at a speed of roughly 540 mph, between floors 77 and 83. It hits off center, scattering much of the debris and fuel away from the core. According to NISTs (likely exaggerated) damage estimates, flight 175 severs 33 perimiter columns, and 10 core columns. During the last 12 seconds of its approach to WTC 2, flight 175 made a single corrective maneuver so perfectly timed and executed that it is highly unlikely to have been piloted by human hands alone.  [22]
-9:20 am: Emergency responders in the lobby of the twin towers hear an unconfirmed report of a third plane heading toward new york, and that WTC 7 has been evacuated in the fear that it may be targeted. The source of the incorrect report is apparently richard rotanz, the deputy director of the new york office of emergency management (OEM), located on the 23rd floor of WTC 7. The entire building was abandoned shortly after the second plane crash as a result of these rumours. Rotnatz later blamed the misinformation on an unidentified secret service agent.

-9:30 am: Barry jennings, michael hess, and mathys levy wander about WTC 7 in eery silence. The 3 men are apparently the only occupants left in WTC 7. It seems the building has been evacuated in remarkably quick (and silent) fashion. Whats more, they also witness small and scattered fires burning uncontrolled, supposedly in the same offices which held the SEC files on floors 11-13. The men will become trapped in the building for several hours, after an explosion destroys the lobby and blocks their escape route.
-After 9:30 am: In the presidential emergency operations center (PEOC) below the white house, a situation is developing. Vice president cheney has effectively assumed the role of commander in chief, while president bush is stuck in a florida classroom reading 'my pet goat.' According to the secretary of transportation, norman mineta, who was there in the bunker, cheney was receiving updates from a young officer, who would periodically enter the PEOC and report on the presence of a suspicious aircraft headed towards washington: “The plane is 50 miles out.” Mineta confers with acting FAA deputy administrator monte belger, who is at the FAAs washington headquarters. Belger says to him: “We’re watching this target on the radar, but the transponder’s been turned off. So we have no identification.”  [23]
-9:33 am: While crossing over hopkins airport, flight 93 suddenly deviates from its assigned flight path and loops back towards the east, turning off its transponder shortly after. It is likely that this is when its CTS was activated, and pilot control was overrided. The signal was probably sent by a transmission tower in the airports vicinity.
-9:35 am: The global hawk, which had been tracked by staff in the PEOC for as many as ten minutes, enters the innermost sanctum of the pentagons air defense zone. Even though the white house staff have been aware of the various 'hijackings' for a half hour, they strangely decide not to scramble any fighters from andrews AFB as a precaution. As a result, the craft is able to proceed to its target unharassed. Instead of heading for wedge 4, which is the most populated section of the pentagon (and housing the office of defense secretary rumsfeld), the global hawk circles around to wedge 1 on the opposite side, executing an incredible 270 degree turn, while simultaneously losing 7000 feet of altitude in just 2 minutes.
-9:37 am: The global hawk bears down on the pentagon, gliding just 15 feet above the lawn in order to position itself perfectly for the strike. It detonates with concusive force, breaching all of the 1.5 feet thick reinforced concrete walls on E-ring and D-ring, as well as the 2 foot thick brick/masonry foundations of C-ring. This totals six feet of steel meshed concrete, and fifty feet of other building materials. The explosion conveniently neutralises all of the naval intelligence service personal, who had just begun investigating the disappearance of $2.3 trillion in improperly receipted funds from the DOD budget. Only one other center remains which can track down the missing money: WTC 7.
-9:50 am: Video footage captures the stunning anomoly of molten steel dripping down from the northeast corner of WTC 2, somewhere around the 80th floor. [24A] Steel requires a temperature of 1550 celcius to melt, and has a specific heat of 460 joules per kilogram per kelvin: The fires present in the towers could not have possibly heated such large amounts of steel (several tons) to this degree.  [24B]

-9:56 am: Will jimeno, kurt sonnenfeld, and patricia odrovic all report seeing a massive ground level explosion, somewhere in the vicinity of WTC 6. The noise of the blast is recorded by multiple amateur videographers, and CNN spots a huge plume of smoke and debris shooting upward. Apparently, the explosion took out a portion of the building which just happened to include the el dorado task forces offices.
-9:59 am: The WTC 2 collapses at the same area where it was struck (and exactly where its fireproofing renovations had taken place three years earlier), falling to the ground in just under 14 seconds. It had only burned for a mere 56 minutes after being impacted by flight 175. Its steel foundations are battered and broken, and up to 50% of its concrete has been viciously pulverised. The great towers destruction is viewed and heard by a vast television and radio audience.
-After 10:00 am: Vice president dick cheney begins working to secure additional powers for the white house, in anticipation of the crusade that will be carried out in the middle east. These plans (like the AUMF, and patriot act) were already in existence before the attacks, but had not had sufficient justification to be put into practise. No longer shall that be the case.  [25]
-10:06 am: Flight 93 explodes over shanksville, pennsylvania. Its debris pattern suggests that it was either shot down or self destructed while still in flight. The purpose behind its involvement in the 911 events is elusive, and speculation persists as to what actually brought it down, and what its intended target was. It is possible that the passengers actually did breach the cockpit, and overpower the hijackers and the CTS. If that were the case, the conspirators only other recourse would have been to activate the FTS via the 'white mystery plane', which was still within range to transmit the self destruct signal.
-10:28 am: The WTC 1 collapses at the same area where it was struck (and exactly where its fireproofing renovations had taken place three years earlier), falling to the ground in just under 15 seconds. It had burned for about 102 minutes after being impacted by flight 11. Its steel foundations are battered and broken, and up to 50% of its concrete has been viciously pulverised. With its destruction, the largest false flag attack in modern history has been completed.
-After 10:28 am: The rubble fields below ground zero will reach unbelievable temperatures, around 800 fahrenheit according to NASA thermal images, with some areas topping 1300 fahrenheit! No plausable explanation for this heat source has ever been given from the government. Whatever its cause, one can be sure that  mere hydrocarbon fueled fires were certainly not responsible. [26A] For weeks the underground 'fires' will continue to burn, and streams of molten steel will flow unabated.  [26B]
-10:44 am: Stratcom formally terminates its global guardian exercise at this time, and the three E-4B airborne command centers that participated in it are detached from duty, allegedly so that they can perform other mission roles in the wake of the man made disasters, like serving as the auxillary command centers for the continuity of government protocols put into place that day.
-11:00 pm: Radio host alex jones goes on the air to reaffirm his earlier announcements that, as all the previous instances of terrorism within the US have been orchestrated by the government, so to will all of the future cases. Saying of the attacks sheer magnitude: ''This is one of the biggest storys of the last century, and now into the 21st century.'' Fellow radio host william cooper will also echo these statements.
-12:45 pm: Paul bremer is interviewed by NBC, where he gives an exposition on what will later become the official summary of the days events (insights which came, we are led to believe, by his knowledge of terrorism alone). Bremer implicates osama bin ladin and his organisation, listing both iraq and iran as possible accomplices.
-2:00 pm: The environmental protection agency sets up a dozen or so fixed air-quality monitors in and around ground zero, as well as regional monitors in the bronx, brooklyn, queens and staten island to test for the presence of certain contaminants. The EPA will notoriously go on to falsely declare that the air of ground zero is safe to breath, which condemns hundreds of clean up workers to respiratory illness, some of them terminal.
-5:25 pm: WTC 7, after enduring small scattered office fires for more than 7 hours, collapses uniformly into its own foot print in under 7 seconds. The failure takes place from the bottom, just as in classic controlled demolitions. It is the third steel framed high rise to collapse that day. [26] All the files for approximately 3000 to 4000 SEC cases were destroyed.
-10:15 pm: Jerome hauer is interviewed by CBS, where he places the blame for the attacks directly on osama bin laden. Hauer visibly squirms when asked whether the WTCs destruction resembled a controlled demolition, and asserts that their failure probably came only as a result of the plane impacts and the resulting fires.

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[27] After a six year long, 15 million dollar investigation, NIST will quietly admit in a communique that they ''are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse'' (note, that statement is not taken out of context).
Wrong again, asshole.
Thanks again to steve shives, whose persistent cater walling on the lack of a challenge to the commission report provided the incentive to create this timeline. Without him, this situation would never have been rectified at all! The 911 truth movement has went for 11 years without a concise timeline, but no longer. If you'd like to extend your gratitude to this fine gentlemen, he can be contacted at: nightwing_wilson@yahoo.com The debunking the debunkers blog also did a hilarious review of one of stevens videos, which can be found here (link).

So, with the inclusion of this minute by minute narrative, the three scientific papers that were published in esteemed journals, the near universal retreat of the internet 'debunkers', the documentary released by AE911Truth having dominated PBS for a whole month, and the new mainstream movie (september mourn) that is going into production, 2012 would have to rank as one of the better years for 911 truth.