Thursday, 14 November 2019

Canadian immigration

Canada is a nation that is sorely lacking in common sense. This deficiency was highlighted by the controversy over Don Cherrys remarks on Remembrance day, about the lack of respect shown by new immigrants. The fact that there was any controversy at all about this shows precisely what is wrong with Canada today. The loathsome fog of multi-culturalism has blinded people, preventing them from seeing the obvious. When it comes to the preservation of society, people seem to have adopted the belief that all citizens have an equal amount of skin in the game. This is nonsense. A family that only recently immigrated to Canada has much less stake in its well being than a family that has lived there for generations. That is common sense. The new immigrants have contributed nothing to society, so they have no real stake in it. This is doubly true if they are not of European ancestry. They don't know or care about the World Wars. Their ancestors never fought in WW1 or WW2, so it means nothing to them. The fact that they don't show respect on Remembrance day is completely unsurprising.

They didn't invest either sweat or blood in Canada. They didn't help to build the country, they simply migrated to it and indulged in its prosperity. Mass immigration from continents other than Europe are fraught with problems such as these. The absence of a shared history is a difficult problem to overcome, especially when society is so blind that it can't even see the problem. No action will be taken to fix this disconnect, and so it will inevitably become worse over time. Canadians have no one but themselves to blame for this situation. They were responsible for the astounding display of stupidity during the elections, when they voted Justin Trudeau into office for a second term. They forfeited their right to prosperity when they voted for a traitorous criminal who vowed to flood the country with more immigrants from the 3rd world. That means there will be more people who have a disconnect with Canada, people who don't know the meaning of Remembrance day.

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