Saturday, 10 September 2011

About me

Greetings. My name is james, no last name at this point. I've opened this blog as an expansion of my youtube channel (TheJamesrocket), since I've always preferred writing more than shooting videos. It will be interesting to see what kind of work I can float out to interest the people of the world, seeing as the information culture is already so well developed, and knowledge is accumulating all the time. This blog will not feature vapid small talk, or irrelevant pop culture, but REAL ISSUES. We are the most important generation of humans that have ever existed, or will ever exist. The threats and opportunities we now face are orders of magnitude more serious than any of our forebears encountered.
How do I intend to distinguish myself from all the other writers out there, and all the works they have produced? By my character as an intellectual handyman who abhors overspecialisation. Someone who can break down the divided, compartmentalised fields of the various scientific, technical and philosophical professions (with more finesse than the hopelessly out of depth joe average), bridge the gaps and connect the dots no one else can or will. I will attempt to make the parochial left and right hands talk.

I will write in particular about military subjects, transhumanism and singulatarianism, geopolitics, ethnic and cultural matters, xenology and 'conspiracy theorys', my pet theorys on issues like biological algorithms and temporal dynamics, feature some books reviews and internet articles, and fun topics like science fiction vs debates, comedy, etc. Expect to hear volumes about the most important subject of our time, however: The Convergence, a collusion of more than a dozen severe, major, or existential threats. Problems which not only exist, and continue to worsen, but will all peak in intensity within a period of two decades or so. While dangerous on their own, the the cumulative effect of all of them occurring within such a short period of time will be absolutely devastating. This is a trend that I, and I alone, have forecasted. Stay tuned...