Monday, 20 January 2020

Virginia gun rights rally

Virginia has been the focal point for alot of tensions in the past month. In December, a bill that would outlaw the possession of semi-automatic weapons was passed. The bill was sponsored by governor Ralph Northam, among others. This action infuriated gun owners throughout Virginia. In response, over 75 counties announced that they would not comply with the gun ban. Supporters of the bill did not care about the opposition of local Sheriffs. They simply warned that the National Guard would be mobilised if the Police refused to enforce the ban. Things have only gotten worse since then.

Today, a rally is scheduled to take place in the capital of Virginia. It will be attended by thousands of gun owners who are angered by the infringement of their rights. Some of the protestors are from out of state. The media has attempted to stir controversy by hyping storys about a group of white supremacists who planned to attend the rally. They are clearly trying to depict all supporters of the 2nd amendment as racists. The governor tried to forestall the protests by declaring a state of emergency.

There are worrying signs that the the rally could turn violent. Antifa was planning to infiltrate the protests, undoubtedly in the hopes that they could cause trouble and make the gun rights supporters look bad. There were also mysterious advertisements by another group, who were looking for 'crisis actors' in the Virginia area. Apparently, there are alot of people who would love to see the protests devolve into chaos.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The Misandry Bubble

On this day exactly ten years ago, one of the most important articles ever written about the sexual marketplace was published. The Misandry Bubble diagnosed many of the dysfunctions that have been (and still are) plaguing Western society. Most of these diseases can be traced back to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, which fundamentally changed an ancient human tradition. Feminism led to large numbers of women joining the work force, and putting careers before marriage or family. This resulted in a decline in the marriage rate and fertility rate, among other things. No fault divorce and alimony led to the devaluation of marriage itself, as ex-wives selfishly used it to enrich themselves at the expense of their ex-husbands. Widespread contraception made it possible for women to become more promiscuous than ever, which consequently impaired their ability to pair-bond and remain faithful. This explains why most marriages don't last beyond 5 years, as divorce is usually initiated by a bored wife. (An astute observer may notice how these forces tend to amplify each other in a reinforcing loop) All of these dysfunctions have led to the grotesque warping of the sexual marketplace into its current state.

The Misandry Bubble goes into great detail about how important the institution of marriage is to the fabric of society. Marriage is a very old tradition, dating back to the Sumerians of 5000 years ago. In a very real sense, it is a pre-requisite for civilisation itself. Without a marriage culture, there is no way that humans of different ages, genders, and social status can cohesively work together. Without it, there is no incentive for lower status beta males to work hard and contribute to society as a whole. Traditionally, the only reliable way to motivate men to be economically productive was to promise them a young, chaste wife to marry and support. But this contract was destroyed in the aftermath of the sexual revolution. Most men at the time didn't understand that the rules had fundamentally changed. They upheld their traditional obligations even while women flagrantly ignored their obligations. This led to the formation of a cargo cult, where beta males continued to work long and hard in the (invalid) expectation that they would eventually find a good woman to marry. The good men were never told the truth by society, much less by dishonest women.

But over the past decade, legions of men have slowly been waking up to the racket they have been suckered into. They have realised that it is not necessary to spend large sums of money on a ring or a wedding. They have understood that they are better off not entering into a marriage contract at all, lest they run the risk of losing everything in a divorce. (Or having their reputation destroyed by false accusations) Even more importantly, men have realised that they do not need to earn a high income in order to attract women. By learning the art of attraction, they can easily get by on a lower income. This explains why so many young men are economically disengaged. They are becoming aware just how deeply they were lied to about everything. As the blogger Roissy said, the goal of feminism is to maximize the number of restrictions on men and to minimize the number of restrictions on women. This gradual shift in perception will have huge implications in the near future.

Its going to be Biblical


The Misandry Bubble has created an environment which is very hostile to young, low status men. They are devalued and mistreated by an uncaring society, and given no incentive whatsoever to become economically productive. (The severe shortage of marriable women only worsens this phenomenon) Large numbers of men have thus become ghosts, playing no active role in society. This results in a gradual weakening of the entire civilised world, particularly in North America and Europe. Civilisation thus becomes more vulnerable to the convergence of existential threats.