Friday, 29 April 2016

Why liberals want gun control

'Gun ownership puts power into the hands of the people and therefore they are less dependent on the government. Owning a gun at the time of need gives the law-abiding gun owner the ability to make the decision as to whether the use of force is lawful, right, and justified. The American Left doesn’t believe ordinary citizens have the ability to make such decisions, hence their love affair with gun control. Liberals prefer major life decisions to be made by the government.'  -Stafco

'Living armed for a liberal would mean conceding that there are people who may need to be killed. But this would destroy the very foundation of everything in which a liberal believes—the premise that discrimination is the ultimate evil. Killing someone in self-defense is the ultimate act of discrimination. It means you have made a conscious decision that his life is less valuable than yours, to the point that he can be killed just so you can live.'  -Alex B.

'Gun control is an issue that has historically been pushed by feminist and women’s groups. It comes down to the psychological roots of feminism and the desperate need of such women to control, manage and limit male agency. Essentially gun control is an attempt to perform a symbolic castration of all men in society, in particular those men that would outwardly manifest strength and a will to power by owning a gun, being committed to self defense and engaging in hunting or sportsmanship with firearms.'  -Mike Enoch

The kind of 'men' who want gun control

'And one nexus that joins these forces is the category of weaponry and weapons manufacturing. Upon close analysis, it becomes clear that the U.S. attitude about guns is sexist, and that gun control is a feminist issue.It would be easy to start right off the bat with a comparison of the gun to a phallus. In this analogy, “open carry laws” would be tantamount to letting men pull out their penises in public, attempting to impress everyone with its size and with the power that it connotes. The phallic imagery of power is ubiquitous and well-studied.'  -Random feminist retard