Monday, 20 January 2020

Virginia gun rights rally

Virginia has been the focal point for alot of tensions in the past month. In December, a bill that would outlaw the possession of semi-automatic weapons was passed. The bill was sponsored by governor Ralph Northam, among others. This action infuriated gun owners throughout Virginia. In response, over 75 counties announced that they would not comply with the gun ban. Supporters of the bill did not care about the opposition of local Sheriffs. They simply warned that the National Guard would be mobilised if the Police refused to enforce the ban. Things have only gotten worse since then.

Today, a rally is scheduled to take place in the capital of Virginia. It will be attended by thousands of gun owners who are angered by the infringement of their rights. Some of the protestors are from out of state. The media has attempted to stir controversy by hyping storys about a group of white supremacists who planned to attend the rally. They are clearly trying to depict all supporters of the 2nd amendment as racists. The governor tried to forestall the protests by declaring a state of emergency.

There are worrying signs that the the rally could turn violent. Antifa was planning to infiltrate the protests, undoubtedly in the hopes that they could cause trouble and make the gun rights supporters look bad. There were also mysterious advertisements by another group, who were looking for 'crisis actors' in the Virginia area. Apparently, there are alot of people who would love to see the protests devolve into chaos.


  1. The rally will take place in a matter of hours.

  2. It was peaceful, only a few cops present. And Black Groups who were also pro-gun joined in without problem. Given how the US Government actively tried to keep Blacks down, they are even more sensitive to attempts to take gun ownership away. Forget MLK Jr, his movement was a failure, continuous Black uprisings and a growing Black Insurgency led by combat veterans convinced the US Government to pass Civil Rights for Blacks and enforce older laws to give them equal rights.

    At least till the war on drugs and abortion plus misandry destroyed Black Families.