Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Islam and the liberal dilemma

There have been a large number of terrorist incidents in the last couple of years, which are best punctuated by the parliament hill shootings in october 22 of 2014. Why? Because thats when the liberals really started to go into denial about the conflict in their belief systems, and just how tightly wedged they are between a rock and a hard place. Since that time, we have been entreated to an escalating number of insults from the islamic world: We've had the sydney hostage crisis, the charlie hebdo shootings, the chattanooga shootings, the paris attack, the san bernandino shootings, the brussels attack... And most ironically now, the shooting in orlando which killed large numbers of gays. Well publicised terrorist attacks on western nations, all perpetrated by a group of people who hate the things that liberals claim to stand for. So what has been the response from our leftist friends? They have stuck their heads in the sand to an overwhelming degree, and denied that there was any link between the terrorists and islam. 'Don't let a few crazys tar the reputation of an entire community!' The liberals shouted, even though they had done just that whenever shootings were perpetrated by conservatives. The level of cognitive dissonance on display here is staggering.

After the september 11th attacks and the resulting war on terror, there was lots of rhetoric warning people not to embolden the terrorists, but most of this was spouted by neocons trying to push forward their project for a new american century. Anyone who questioned the necessity of their 'war on terrorism' (and hence for PNAC) was shouted down and labelled as unpatriotic. They ignored the fact that terrorism can't be prevented by military intervention, that the war would consume huge amounts of currency, and said things like: 'Don't show weakness by opposing the war, it will encourage the terrorists!' But in reality the actual emboldening hasn't happened until recently, when liberals managed to take over almost all positions of power in the U.S. After each and every bombing or shooting delivered to the west, these cowardly swine stuck their heads in the sand and refused to point out the source of the problem. Rather than admitting that their support of feminism, homosexuality, and transgenderism was what enraged the muslim world enough to attack us, the leftists shifted the blame away from the terrorists and their belief system. They denied that there was any clash of values taking place. This has some interesting parallels in the natural world...

A cuckoo being fed by a reed warbler

Among two species of birds that aren't even closely related, there exists a strange and parasitic relationship. The common cuckoo has a breeding strategy that involves laying its eggs in the nest of reed warblers, and bullying them into raising their altricial chicks. Intimidation is the word of choice here, because any reed warbler which refuses to tow the line will either be attacked or have its nest torn down. Rather than throw the obviously foreign egg out of its nest (and engender the wrath of its parents), the reed warbler cares for the egg like it was its own. When the cuckoo chick hatches, it proceeds to toss all the other eggs from the nest, while the reed warbler stands by impotently. With just a single chick to look after, it now works tirelessly to nurture the cuckoo, even though it is of a different species. The similaritys this has between liberals and muslims is breath-taking. Muslims plant their egg (sharia law) into the liberal nest, and when the egg hatchs, it pushs all the other eggs (I.E, liberal values) out of the nest. Rather than destroying the intruder on sight, the liberal will pretend that nothing is amiss. Because tolerance and diversity is all the rage, dontchaknow.

So, to recap: The present denialism found among leftists can be chalked up partly to their belief in non-descrimination, but mostly to their fear of violent confrontation. They won't take action against the islamic religion because it will attract the wrath of its deranged adherents, who they foolishly allowed into our borders in a moment of exaggerated sympathy. But they also won't drop their support for feminism, homosexuality, and transgenderism, things which are incompatible with muslim beliefs. This leaves them with an awful dilemma. We've known that this confrontation has been coming for a long time. The trends were clear from at least may 20 of 2010, when draw mohammed day saw most liberals opting for the quiet way out. Instead of acknowledging that a clash of values is taking place, they use all kinds of bullshit copouts that avoid rational examination of the problem. The rest of us need to remove these idiots from power and take concrete action against the islamisation of the west. It may be too late for france and even germany, whose muslim demograph is executing a takeover by baby boom. This will undoubtedly lead to massive white flight in the next few years. It is truly a sad spectacle to see people chased from their native homeland...

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  1. The majority of terrorist attacks on American soil in the past 15 years have been committed by white men.