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Military officials implicated in the 911 attacks

In july of 1996, the office of the joint chiefs of staff released a document titled, joint vision 2010, which is defined as "the conceptual template for how we will channel the vitality of our people, and leverage technological opportunities to achieve new levels of effectiveness in joint warfighting." It calls for the achievement of full spectrum dominance as as the primary objective of the US military. Then chairman of the joint chiefs of staff (which is the highest military position in the US hierarchy), general john shalikashvili, stated that JV2010 created an operationally-based model for the evolution of the armed forces, and how to attain success in the chaos of modern warfare. A significant element in this concept was the air forces global reach program, which was headed under the acquisition office of the assistant secretary of the air force. The man in charge of this department was lawrence delaney and his deputys, darleen druyun, and lieutenant general stephen plummer, all of whom were deeply involved in the boeing pentagon tanker lease agreement. After the end of the cold war, the need to keep nuclear forces on constant alert against a soviet first strike, or to base large forces overseas ready to fight world war III became redundant. However, the air forces inherent speed, range, precision, lethality and flexibility was something that gave america what the secretary of the USAF called "global reach, & global power." Thus, a program was created to further develop and refine this quality. Placed under the air forces acquisition department, it was seen to fruition by men like delaney and plummer, as were a number of other research and development branchs, like the office of scientific research, or AFOSR. As it turns out, this facility is located in arlington virginia, the very same city where a group of raytheon engineers were working on the guidance system for the global hawk. A large number of these men ended up being killed in the september 11th attacks, when their aircraft were supposedly hijacked and smashed into famous landmarks. Even more alarming, however, is the presence of a certain brigadier general william hodges. This individual not only has a long history with the global reach program, but also happened to be in command of macdill air force base, which has a number of very suspicious characteristics placing it in the spot light.
In addition to being one of the two major military facilitys that were participating in the global guardian exercise that day (from where a number of secret objectives were piggy backed off of), macdill was also undergoing a drill that simulated a hijacked aircraft being rammed into the base, which saw the whole airfield being locked down for three hours. When considering all the evidence which suggests that anything but a boeing 757 hit the pentagon, 911 researchers have then been tasked with the obvious question: Exactly what happened to flight 77? If the contents of the declassified operation northwoods document are anything to go by, then it seems distinctly possible that flight 77 was landed onto the runway of macdill under the cover provided by that simulated plane crash. In this way, perhaps, its passengers could be detained without anyone ever knowing they had not been killed in the pentagon explosion. It is a little known fact that macdill has an extensive tunnel network underneath its foundations, which were constructed at the beginning of the cold war. Many of these have since become flooded, and almost nobody on the base realises their existence. One would also have to take into account the presence of the special operations command, a military administration that winded up leading the nations response to the september 11th atrocitys, and which had as its subordinates such fearsome units as JSOC, and USASOC. The latter organisation features heavily in the ring of persons implicated in this crime. Lieutenant general bryan brown was the leader in charge of the US army special operations command, which was composed of six different mission units, three of which he had previously led before his posting to USASOC. Back in 1993, for example, brown was the commander of the 160th special operations aviation regiment, or SOAR. He and his deputy, colonel dell dailey, worked closely together during operation gothic serpent, which was executed under the direction of major general william garrison. That mission ended in failure after the shoot down of two black hawk helicopters, and the violent battle of mogadishu, which was later popularised in a book by author mark bowden.

Its worth mentioning that garrison, the main architect of this disaster, was a famous green beret and vietnam veteran, as well as an admitted participant in the joint army-CIA venture, code named the phoenix program. This background applys just as much to him as to the other men on his staff, like colonel thomas o'connell (a future raytheon vice-president), or brigadier general william kernan. Despite serving in different units during their vietnam tours, these individuals wartime experience were very similar to one another, particularly in that they helped carry out a program of mass civilian murder. Operation phoenix was responsible for identifying and neutralising all personnel who may have been active in supporting the functioning of the viet cong guerilla army, in one way or another. Actions as innocuous as bartering sacks of rice with a VC affiliate could be sufficient to get someone placed on this hit list! Once targeted, the individual would be subjected either to harassment, intimidation, or capture and torture. Targeted killings were also a frequent punishment. Even decorated units such as the infamous tiger force were not above joining in these vicious persecutions of non-combatants. More than 80,000 vietnamese people were victimised under operation phoenix, with up to a quarter of them being killed. The fact that these despicable actions ended up being perpetrated again in iraq and afghanistan by two former commanders of SOAR hints at the deeply negative impression that william garrisons presence had on that unit... The joint prioritised effects list, or JPEL, is a list of individuals who have presented a nuisance to the occupation forces stationed across the middle east. Although it is commonly believed to only apply within certain high risk areas of afghanistan, this hit list is actually in use across the arab peninsula by agents of the american empire. Kidnappings or assassinations are known to have taken place (though infrequently) outside of the containment areas designated by coalition armys. This shameful reality was exposed to the world in 2010 with the release of 75,000 classified documents from wikileaks.

It was determined that after the JPEL had been authorised by JSOC brass, it was put into action by brigadier general raymond palumbo, who came up with the innovative idea of setting up a death squad in the same fashion as hitlers einsatzgruppen, and stalins NKVD. Of course, back in 1996 when all this brainstorming was taking place, palumbo was just another overly ambitious battalion commander serving with the 160th SOAR. After mr brown was reassigned to deputy command of the 1st infantry division, and colonel dailey was promoted to replace him, a strange master student relationship developed between the two men, which is when the morbid fixation with targeted killings started proliferating amongst the armys special operations. No one ever said that these men lacked imagination. What is beyond dispute, however, is that this group of costumed thugs were responsible for a tremendous amount of collateral damage while operating in afghanistan and iraq. Task force 373 alone is guilty of the deaths of several thousand people during the course of their operational history *, for which a large number of whom there was little or no evidence confirming their sympathys with militant factions. As if that wasn't enough, they were also responsible for calling in the air strike that killed anwar al-awlaki, who, despite his radical islamic background, was a naturalised american citizen. The reason why this is of such importance is that, if the 911 drone swap hypothesis turns out to be true, it means that commercial airliners were being landed at privatized airports, and armed men were on the ground waiting to detain and murder the passengers. If anyone was capable of carrying out such cold blooded crimes on american soil, then the secret operatives of USASOC must definitely rank at the top of the suspect list. Under the influence of psychopaths and war criminals, no military operation planned by them would be ruled out on morale grounds alone... Moving along, dell dailey is also connected to another key player in the terrorist attacks, a man most notable not for what he did, but what he did not do. Michael canavan was a former commander of JSOC, who acted in this role at the same time that general hugh shelton served as the head of SOCOM.

Canavans only other action of note prior to september 11th had been his leading role into the investigation of air force CT-43s crash landing, which killed commerce secretary ron brown. (A good man who was in no way related to bryan brown) Shelton, on the other hand, was a major sponsor of the doctrine advocated in joint vision 2010, and a frequent collaborator of its main author, john shalikashvil, to such an extent that shelton was even nominated to succeed the chairman after his term had expired... Upon retiring from the military in 2003, shelton would later come out with a tell all autobiography, which offered a host of candid exposes on the unsavoury actions of american officials during the lead up to the war on terror. When placing his claims together with the testimonys made in books like ghost wars, tremendous suspicion is brought upon the likes of jane harman and madeline albright. Apparently, they had been interfering in the effort of CIA agents working alongside afghan warlord ahmed shah massoud to have al qaedas leader assassinated from 1998 to 2000. Canavan himself was mentioned in the 911 commission report as succumbing to these womens demands, saying that the plan put the afghan militants at too much risk and that the "operation was too complicated for the CIA." As if these institutes had any concern for the welfare of their hired-guns, or a proclivity against easily thwarted and overly elaborate raids. Anyway, on the morning that the september 11th attacks were unfolding, michael canavan was an acting FAA official who had been designated as their hijack co-ordinator. In the event this kind of emergency took place, air traffic controllers were expected to "notify their supervisors, who in turn would inform management all the way up to FAA headquarters. These headquarters had a hijack coordinator, who was the director of the FAA Office of Civil Aviation Security or his or her designate." But, strangely enough, even though canavan had previously been serving in this position for nine months without incident, he was absent for the entire duration of the attack, and did not even get back to his post until later that evening, after building 7 collapsed. His flimsy excuse for this dereliction of duty was that he had been 'visiting the airport in san juan' or some such nonsense.

Finally, bringing the circle of suspicious characters across americas special operations to a close, is the commander of SOCOM itself, general charles holland, who came on the radar after his treasonous shut down of able danger, which was an innovative research effort aimed at gathering electronic data on terror operatives from around the world, and which was later discovered to have identified a number of the 911 hijackers, including ring leader mohammed atta. This, along with many other deliberate intelligence failures, was what allowed the devastating attacks to go forward unimpeded. SOCOM headquarters is located on macdill air force base, as are a number of its subordinate units. How convenient it was, for such a duplicitous individual to be in command of several thousand elite members of the nations special forces, and stationed at the only base in the country where flight 77 could have been landed in without attracting undue attention. Something we can be sure of, is that general hollands guilt does not end with the shut down of able danger alone. For one thing, he became heavily invested in the financial escapades of aerovironment, a company which experienced huge profits after the war on terror began. They offer a host of unmanned aireal vehicles to the US military, models that are alleged to use software bootlegged from the global hawk project. How in the world did they manage to get their hands on that? So far, nobody has bothered to ask mr holland on the role played by his co-worker, william hodges. Prior to his assignment as commander of macdill air force base, brigadier general hodges had been posted to the staff of the assistant secretary of the air force for acquisition, probably as a subordinate of lieutenant general stephen plummer. Being on the USAFs scientific advisory board, this puts them in a position of influence over the air forces scientific research office in arlington virginia, located just down the block from a raytheon facility which was working on a revolutionary new guidance system! Seeing that so many of the individuals serving there would mysteriously perish during the september 11th attacks, are we honestly to believe that this is just a coincidence?

Maybe someone can explain why this laboratory was being headed by doctor lyle schwartz, a former director or NIST (!), or his connections to arden bement, who was a board member of the battelle corporation during the time that it was supplying linear cutting charges and hyper-weaponised anthrax to the CIA and pentagon?... In light of all the details that have been posited so far, it seems distinctly possible that SOCOM and JSOC created a top secret task force to co-ordinate the controlled demolition of the WTCs, and the swapping of three commercial airliners with remote controlled drones. With access to thermite demolition charges and aireal guidance systems granted through their contacts in this research office, the armys special operations command should be singled out for close scrutiny by 911 researchers. Given the especially high concentration of suspects throughout USASOC, with operatives drawn from across its six mission sub-units, its a sure bet that they were used as a vector to carry out the staging of this synthetic terror plot. With army engineers and ordnance experts for the controlled demolitions and field works, aircraft maintenance engineers from SOAR to modify the KC-767 tankers, and a detachment of soldiers to handle the prisoners offloaded from the AA and UA flights, they could have easily managed more than half of the actions that were taking place that day... In summary, the convergence of high ranking officials from the private sector, pentagon, air force, and army special operations underlies just how heavily the widespread moral corruption has progressed through western society. Certainly, there are very few institutes throughout america which have managed to resist the allure of secret alliances and backroom deals. Its no wonder that they have unanimously banned together, irrespective of class or ideology, to oppose the allegations that have been made by the 911 truth movement. In the end, though, it looks like their efforts were in vain, and the drive to conceal this colossal crime against humanity will result in the downfall of far more people than those who perpetrated the attacks in the first place.

*Although TF 373s true kill/capture toll is not known to the public, its worth mentioning that a similar unit operating in iraq, TF black, is acknowledged to have removed or killed up to 3500 insurgents, not including innocent bystanders who were caught in the crossfire. So anyway we cut it, general palumbo is a mass murderer, having ordered his soldiers to carry out targeted killings via foot patrols or air strikes.

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